A vehicles ECU (electronic control unit) controls all of the engines operating functions. These include fueling, timing, turbo boost, throttle control, etc. There are also hundreds of algorithms which make multiple adjustments to engine functions dependent upon current operating conditions such as intake temperature, barometric pressure, fuel quality, etc.

Vehicle manufacturers typically tune the vehicles ECU very conservatively, leaving unused performance available. PES precisely adjusts the ECU “maps” that effect performance such as fuel, timing, boost pressure, and throttle response, and raising or removal of speed governors. All of the engines safety parameters are left in tact. Part throttle fuel and timing are optimized to deliver better highway fuel economy and smoothness as well. The result is a car that has better driveability that standard with much more available power and performance. The overall reliability and longevity of the engine are not compromised.

You will notice that we concentrate a lot of our efforts on increasing the engines torque. Not only do we create tunes with more torque, but we make it available at lower RPM’s. This gives you crisp off the line performance that you can really feel.

Engineering and testing of our chips begins in Europe where vehicles are typically released 6 months to one year before they hit the United States market. Our engineers perform tuning under stringent test conditions on load bearing all wheel drive chassis dynos. Important engine data such as air/fuel ratios, knock sensor activity, etc are carefully monitored during testing. After testing on the dyno all cars are tested under normal driving conditions on public roads. You can rest assured that our chips are never pushed to the limit of performance at the expense of your cars reliability.